The wrong way, the right way and the hacker way

    Done is better than perfect.

    Much has been said about Facebook and the impact the company has had on our society. There are some that feel that Facebook’s day has come and gone but I’ll save that debate for another day. Something that always seems to come up when talking about the culture of Facebook is the “hacker way.” Specifically the idea that “done is better than perfect.”

    I’ve found over the years that done is rarely better than perfect, especially when developing websites. Anyone can build a site that does amazing things but let me know how that site works under load when it has been coded inefficiently or the next person steps in to add a new feature.

    What is more concerning is that this has become the modus operandi for so many companies. I’ve seen numerous instances where a company ships a “completed project” when it turns out they could spend a significant amount of time refining the product to be closer to perfect. Yes, it does work. But it is inefficient and poorly executed.

    In the day and age where user privacy is increasingly important as Mark’s sister found out, it seems to me, perfection might be worth just a bit more time and effort.